ProVision™ is an automated, accurate, real-time data capture and analysis platform for Proseal’s GTe and GTs range.

A powerful tool, designed to improve efficiency and maximise OEE.

ProVision, Proseal’s Industry 4.0 offering, uses cutting-edge technology to deliver valuable information when and where it’s needed. Users can view a production line’s performance in real-time, and analyse it historically. Use big data to unlock the full potential of your Proseal machine, maxamising its production capacity.


ProVision provides the raw data and the tools to:

  • View performance in real-time
  • Analyse historical data
  • Identify production bottlenecks
  • Maximise efficiency
  • Unlock the full potential of your Proseal machine

How can ProVision benefit you?



  • Monitor machine status in real-time
  • Quickly diagnose and troubleshoot issues
  • Monitor multiple machines at the same time



  • Identify the causes of downtime to prioritise maintenance tasks
  • Identify patterns in the data to identify root causes of hard-to-diagnose problems
  • Monitor production remotely, across multiple machines



  • Monitor and compare performance data between shifts to pinpoint factors that affect productivity in both personnel and procedure
  • Monitor remotely, working away from the line



  • Use the advanced reporting tools to analyse machine data, quantifying production line overall performance
  • Understand what needs to be done next to maximise overall productivity
  • Measure the impact of changes



  • Quantify and analyse OEE
  • Compare daily performance over any timeframe
  • Understand a production line’s efficiency – is it delivering maximum value?



  • Hugely valuable information at your fingertips
  • Pinpoint the factors that most affect productivity
  • Understand which areas to focus on improving
  • Improve your processes… and your profit!



  • A wealth of data at a glance
  • Understand a production line’s performance in real time
  • Link a machine’s performance to its current status –know when intervention is required



  • Logs every machine event and change in status
  • Drill-down into historical data
  • Sort and filter to get to the heart of the important factors affecting productivity
  • Flexible and powerful data analysis

Proseal can provide a number of ProVision options depending on your needs.

ProVision Lite - Designed to retroactively apply ProVision technology to some older,  legacy Proseal machines that are not on the GTs or GTe platform. In line with Proseal’s commitment to support all its machines throughout their lifetime, ProVision Lite™ delivers many of the benefits of ProVision, but technological restrictions in older equipment mean that it cannot give the exact same granular level of detail as ProVision; it instead groups downtime causes into broader categories, still proving an invaluable source of information and providing actions for improving efficiencies across the board.

ProVision - Offered at no additional cost on all new Proseal GTe and GTs platform machines that are equipped with an eWON device to allow an internet connection. It can be simply retrofitted to existing GTe and GTs machines for the cost of an eWON device and an engineer visit to update software. Fitting an eWON connection gives the additional benefit of ‘remote diagnostics’ when contacting Proseal’s 24/7 telephone support service.

ProVision Enterprise - For customers who require machine data to be used within their existing SCADA or ERP systems, ProVision Enterprise™ provides a securely managed, scalable and easy-to-deploy method for IT professionals to achieve seamless integration.