A bench mounted sliding base tray seal machine with contoured film cutting facility and capable of sealing up to 6 packs per minute.

The T10 is a small, compact and robust bench mounted tray sealing machine.

Capable of up to 6 cycles per minute, the T10 is ideal for low volume production and production trials. With the ability to utilise a wide range of materials, it is a very useful and versatile machine.

  • Atmospheric Seal
  • Gas Flush
  • Hermetic Shrink
  • Vacuum/Gas
  • Skin Pack
  • Skin Plus
  • Skin Deep
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  • Features

    Standard design features and benefits

    • Two minute tool changeover
    • Low maintenance polymer bearings
    • Simple and accurate film-feed system with easy film route
    • Maintenance friendly robust construction
    • Accurate temperature and seal pressure control
    • Fully portable bench mounted
    • High accuracy tool alignment system provides a constantly accurate sealing and/or film-cutting relationship with the tray flange profile
    • Two position interlocked sliding base mechanism and a fully enclosed seal area
    • Manual film-feed ans skeletal waste rewind
    • Simple design and operation
    • All around seal only (No Cut) for packs with pre-cut or hinged lids
    • All around seal and contoured film-cut
    • Portable, with seperate compressor (optional extra). Can be operated from a standard 220-240 VAC supply
    • Automatic seal operation with accurate seal dwell time
    • Food industry approved hygienic construction and washdown protection
    • Full Category 3 guarding
    • Sale, Lease Purchase and Rental options available

    T10 Sealing Capacity

    The T10 can accept film cut trays of up to 230mm length x 200mm width

    and board lidding sizes of up to 280mm length x 240mm width

    Options available

    • Foil crimping
    • Deep tray/pot machine configuration
    • Pharmaceutical blister packaging machines
    • Sandwich pack sealing for board, recyclable plastic

    T10 Specifications

    Height 475mm
    Standard Length 875mm
    Width 743mm
    Weight 45kg
    Pneumatic supply 3CFM (85L/min)at 80psi (5 bar)
    Electrical supply 230 VAC 50Hz 1kW

    Transformers are available to accommodate the electrical supplies in different countries

    T10 Production Speed

    up to 6 cycles per minute

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  • Packaging Materials


    • C·PET
    • A·PET
    • R·PET
    • Polypropylene
    • PVC
    • Styrene
    • Board
    • Paper
    • Smooth Wall Foil
    • Cardboard Sandwich Skillets


    • Co-extruded and Laminated Polyester Films
    • Foil
    • Board
    • Paper