Welcome to our Research & Technology Center

Here at Proseal we love a challenge and with our world class heat sealing technology and packaging specialists in house, we can help you produce samples for retailers product launches, shelf life trials and seal integrity testing.

You can also rely on Proseal to help facilitate a smooth product launch...all of this is done without you investing in costly machinery.

To fulfill our promise we invite customers and guests to bring their products to our Research & Technology Center where we are able to replicate the necessary production pack conditions.


We can offer many types of sealing trials some with Modified Atmosphere Packaging. For reliability and pack security we have up to date gas analysis equipment and a Package Leak detector on site; which can be used for all flexible and rigid packaging.


As packaging continues to evolve, Proseal works closely with all tray and film suppliers to develop new technologies and innovations.

Our new peel and adhesion tester, ProTest, can also ensure marketable products have seal integrity and are secure and safe.


Through our world class pioneering approach to machine development and new technology, we are constantly seeking to improve all aspects of our machine performance.

We future-proof all of our machines and can individually design to meet your requirements and market demands.

Our design team continues to produce more efficient machines and many turnkey packaging lines, constantly working to improve for the long term success for our customers.