In the constant drive to reduce power consumption and offer environmentally kinder solutions, we have developed a revolutionary high-performance, high-precision, high-force electrical seal delivery system that dramatically reduces the air consumption normally associated with high speed tray sealing machinery.

A Proseal machine fitted with the Eseal high-force electric heat seal system benefits from an increased seal force of 200%, but at the same time consumes only 8% of the air, a similar machine fit with an equivalent standard pneumatic cylinder would require.

Our machines retain some pneumatic functions which means we can offer additional benefits such as date coding of pre-printed film with the integration of on-line printers. This further enhances the effort to reduce wastage, by combining the sealing, bar-code-printing, and the brand identification process into one single action.


Benefits of the NEW Eseal System

  • Significantly reduces machine air consumption
  • Improves seal quality as the seal force is increased by up to 200%
  • Gives the potential to increase machine productivity through a reduced seal time
  • Comes as standard on all new Proseal GT series tray sealing machinery
  • Can be retrofitted to many legacy machines
  • Improves MAP processes through ensuring accurate gas flush positioning
  • Can potentially reduce gas flush cycle times

Proseal’s pioneering E-seal® technology ensures excellent seal reliability to meet the stringent quality requirements of the food retail sector, whilst reducing energy consumption.