Introducing an innovative enhancement for GTe/s machines and tools - IntelliTool.
This cutting-edge feature harnesses RFID technology to enable seamless recognition of currently installed tool components.

IntelliTool was developed with two key objectives in mind: first, to ensure that all installed tooling components are a perfectly matched set, and second, to guarantee that these tooling components are engaged correctly.

In the event of a tooling mismatch, the machine will not commence operations. Instead, the HMI will provide clear, intuitive feedback by displaying which tooling component is the source of the mismatch. Furthermore, all tooling errors can also be conveniently accessed and reviewed via ProVision.

Proseal has designed the IntelliTool platform with the capability to incorporate more features and advantages in the future. This will enhance the overall experience for end-users and ensure that Proseal equipment remains up to date with the latest technological advancements. More information will be shared as it becomes available.


Benefits of IntelliTool

  • Avoid damage due to mismatched tooling
  • Tooling errors accessed via ProVision
  • Machine downtime prevented by ensuring installed tooling components are compatible
  • Available to be retrofitted to GTe & GTs machines.