The ProTect™ Security System provides each authorised user tailored access to the Proseal machine settings depending on the customer’s security requirements. Different levels of authorisation can be set for individual personnel. 

The Proseal machine then keeps a log of information input and interactions, allowing for a full audit trail in the event of any problems. Further to this any attempt to log in above a person’s level of authorisation will also be registered and recorded.

Benefits of Proseal ProTect system

  • Prevents unauthorised access to the machine setting
  • Can be operated with non-contact access card
  • Access levels can be managed at the machine HMI by the administrator and the authorisation levels can be easily modified for new or existing users
  • Setting can record access attempts by unauthorised users
  • Perform audit functions and on a user by user basis and monitor changes
  • Create a digital archive of data on a user by user basis i.e. gas checking and database management of recordings
  • Easily export all data to other computer systems