A Security System providing authorised users tailored access:

  • Prevents unauthorised access to the machine settings
  • Can be operated with a non-contact access card
  • Can be managed 'at the machine' by an administrator
  • Can record access attempts by unauthorised users
  • Can perform audit functions / monitor changes
  • Can be used to create a digital archive of data
  • Can export all data to other computer systems

A continuous motion tray infeed system

  • Increased production speed by 25%
  • Improved product handling
  • In-time motion allowing calm machine operations
  • Standard on all the GTe / GTs machines

Standard on all GTe/GTs


A high performance, high precision, high force electrical delivery system

  • Significantly reduces machine air consumption
  • Improves seal quality as the seal force is increased by up to 200%
  • Potential to increase machine productivity through a reduced seal time
  • Can be specified on all new Proseal GT series tray sealing machinery
  • Improves MAP processes through ensuring accurate gas flush positioning
  • Can potentially reduce gas flush cycle times

A quick release conveyor system aided by a mechanical latch that facilitates rapid infeed conveyor removal for hygiene when a ‘deep clean’ is required.

During maintenance this feature allows the removal process to be completed in the shortest amount of time to minimise downtime. The QR Conveyors are complete with an ingenious ‘pop in’ feature for speed of replacement, thereby making the removal and replacement process complete in less than two minutes.

A ‘high efficiency’ tool heating system

  • Significantly increases the life of the heating system
  • Protects tooling from water related failures
  • Focuses the heat on to the tray contact face
  • Gives the potential to increase machine productivity through a reduced seal time
High Efficiency

A pre heat system for skin pack film that is contoured to our unique and simplified film routing system.

Heatwave in essence exposes static, and ‘in motion’ film, to heat energy without hindering film feed operations thereby pre-warming the top film to increase cycle times in an efficient and effective manner.