Linear conveyor tray sealing system capable of sealing up to 240 packs per minute.

The AP60 provides the flexibility required by food producers looking for a fully automated turnkey production line. The customer can specify the length and width of the indexing conveyor to accommodate their tray de-nesting and filling requirements.

Optional ‘free-flow’ gas flush Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) available for extended shelf life.

Easily integrated with other production line equipment

  • Atmospheric Seal
  • Gas Flush
  • Hermetic Shrink
  • Vacuum/Gas
  • Skin Pack
  • Skin Plus
  • Skin Deep
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  • Features

    Standard design features and benefits

    • Low maintenance polymer bearings
    • Simple and accurate film-feed system with easy film route
    • Maintenance friendly robust construction
    • Accurate temperature and seal pressure control
    • High accuracy tool alignment system provides a constantly accurate sealing and/or film-cutting relationship with the tray flange profile
    • All around seal only (No Cut) for packs with pre-cut or hinged lids
    • All around seal and contoured film-cut with skeletal film rewind
    • Automatic seal operation with accurate seal dwell time
    • Food industry approved hygienic construction and wash-down protection
    • Full Category 3 guarding
    • User friendly, menu-driven control panel with step-by-step prompts, error and status displays, and useful batch pack counter
    • Recipe handling of machine settings
    • Self diagnostic system
    • Recipe driven auto machine set-up for tool change
    • On-screen data capture and trends with wireless connection option
    • Active film tension
    • Pendant mounted colour touch screen HMI control
    • Modular design allows customer to specify conveyor length, width and tray pitch
    • Variable pitch indexing conveyor will accommodate tray and lid dispensers, filling and weighing heads
    • Fully integrated control of machine, tray and lid dispensers, filling and weighing heads
    • A high specification conveyor drive system provides full control of the linear acceleration, deceleration and velocity of product movement and eliminates spillage
    • Automatic tray eject allowing post seal operations to be carried out efficiently

    Options available

    • Free flow gas flush MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging)
    • High Oxygen (O2) gas flush
    • CLOSE CUT – Method of maximising throughput and reducing film waste
    • Inboard Cut (IC) Option to provide ‘form, fill and seal’ tray presentation
    • Film coding and printing
    • Foil crimping
    • Sandwich Pack Sealing for Card, Recyclable and Non Recyclable Plastic
    • Optional 'Auto Tool'  Touch of a button tool change automatically locates and connects machines tooling
    • Film snap detection
    • Integration of peripheral equipment
    • Remote diagnostics modem
    • Film end warning
    • Pneumatic film core clamp
    • Self-centering tray guides
    • Deep tray option (up to 120mm)
    • Vacuum
    • Automatic film roll clamping
    • Touch screen controls
    • Automatic tray de-nesting
    • Automatic lid pick and place
    • Automatic lid over-capping
    • Integrated air and electrical outlets along the machine length for auxiliary equipment
    • Filler integration
    • Labeller integration
    • On-line weighing
    • Servo driven conveyor
    • Tray/sandwich skillet coding and printing
    • Stainless steel sandwich transfer conveyor
    • Automatic lid pick and place for separate sandwich skillet and pre-cut lid applications
    • eWON - A machine connection system to deliver real time data and error condition support, remote setup, and software upgrades, using a customer's existing IT network
    • Tray ejection, collation and orientation options
    • HOT ROD – long-lasting, water resistant seal tool heating element giving reduced energy consumption especially developed for sealing Smooth Wall Foil Trays
    • Sale, Lease Purchase and Rental options available

    AP60 Specifications

    Height 2147mm
    Length length to customer's specification
    Width width to customer's specification
    Conveyor plate width 250mm to 800mm
    Weight specification dependent
    Electrical Supply 400V 3 phase + neutral (fused at 32A)
    Transformer Variations

    480V 3 phase (fused at 25A)

    600V 3 phase (fused at 20A) 

    Transformers are available to accommodate the electrical supplies in different countries

    Pneumatic supply

    Bespoke Air supply as-per customer specification

    AP60 Production Speed

    Up to 12 cycles per minute Vacuum Gas

    Up to 16 cycles per minute Gas Flush

    Up to 24 cycles per minute Standard Seal

  • Images
  • Packaging Materials


    • C·PET
    • A·PET
    • R·PET
    • Polypropylene
    • PVC
    • Styrene
    • Board
    • Paper
    • Smooth Wall Foil
    • Cardboard Sandwich Skillets


    • Co-extruded and Laminated Polyester Films
    • Foil
    • Board
    • Paper