SC Conveyor

A flat belt style product transfer conveyor.

The SC conveyor is a modular, flat belt product assembly conveyor. With an all stainless steel construction and hygienic design, it features an easy-clean belt and speed control.

It can be specified with a full control system for auxiliary equipment such as volumetric fillers, tray de-nesters and weighing stations.

  • Features

    Standard design features and benefits

    • Maintenance friendly robust construction
    • Food industry approved hygienic construction and wash-down protection
    • Food safe polyurethane belts, with the option to include white indicator lines for tray positioning
    • Cantilevered quick release design allows for simple belt removal & hygiene access
    • Integrated belt lifters for easy cleaning of the belts and machine

    Options available

    • Automatic tray de-nesting
    • Integrated air and electrical outlets along the machine length for auxiliary equipment
    • Sale, Lease Purchase and Rental options available

    SC Conveyor Specifications

    Height 1990mm at top of control panel, belt height 995mm
    Length length to customer's specification from 2m of filling length up to 20m
    Width 685mm
    Weight specification dependent
    Electrical supply 230V single phase (fused at 16A)
    Transformer Variations 208V 2 phase (fused at 15A)

    Transformers are available to accommodate the electrical supplies in different countries

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