The Slipstream Conveyor is a fully automatic conveyor designed to accept a stream of single trays and separate them into twin-lane format. It has intelligent control and is fully compatible with our in-line GT Twin machinery range.

  • Features

    Standard design features and benefits

    • Maintenance friendly robust construction
    • Food industry approved hygienic construction and wash-down protection
    • Buildback sensor

    Slipstream types

    • High speed shuttle system
    • Servo paddle arrangment

    Options available

    • Multi lane configuration
    • Checkweigher integration with reject lane
    • Sale, Lease Purchase and Rental options available

    Slipstream Conveyor Specifications

    Height 1317mm Belt height 883mm
    Length 1518mm
    Width 768mm
    Weight 400kg (specification dependent)
    Electrical supply 230V single phase (fused at 16A)

    Transformers are available to accommodate the electrical supplies in different countries

    Pneumatic supply

    Bespoke Air supply as-per customer specification

  • Images