Fully automatic, in-line, lid placing de-nesting and tamping system designed to cut labour costs.

This is the first of our GTLid machine range. The GTLid range is based on the knowledge and experience gathered from our world-renowned GT tray-sealing machine series and the key principles found within. Some of these key principles include an integral space-saving design, an impressive 5-minute tool change time, our Promotion pause-free tray spacing and our Eseal® 'all-electric' seal actuator.

The GT1-Lid system is designed to accept trays from any conveyors, clip lids on to film-sealed trays, and take trays directly from a filling conveyor when no film lid is required. Through using the aforementioned features to avoid any loading errors, the GT1-Lid system can be fully integrated with any other in-line equipment including upstream tray-sealing machines.

  • Features

    Standard design features and benefits

    • Five minute tool changeover
    • Low maintenance design including linear bearings
    • Simple and accurate lid de-nesting magazine, designed to be easily and safely loaded by hand

    • Maintenance-friendly sub assembly construction
    • Machine can operate as a bypass conveyer when tray lidding is not required

    • All 7 of the machine’s axes are servo driven for complete control
    • High accuracy tool alignment system provides a constantly accurate lid pick and place relationship

    • Simple design and operation
    • Low lid warning /error
    • Tray measuring system protects against misaligned /misorientated trays

    • Self-centring tray guides
    • Food industry approved hygienic construction and wash-down protection

    • Full Category 3 guarding
    • User-friendly, menu-driven control panel with step-by-step prompts, error and status displays, and useful batch pack counter

    • Recipe handling of machine settings
    • Self diagnostic system
    • Pendant mounted, colour touchscreen HMI control for full double-sided operation

    • Recipe-driven auto machine set-up for tool change
    • On-screen data capture and trends with wireless connection option

    • Integration of peripheral equipment, such as: infeed and outfeed conveyors, checkweighers, metal detectors and printers

    • QRconveyors with quick release belts for easy hygiene and maintenance

    • Eseal® - high-performance, high-precision, high-force, energy-efficient, electric seal system that boasts a massive increase in seal force

    • Promotion - a high accuracy continuous motion tray infeed system, which increases production speed whilst reducing machine duty

    GT1-Lid Lidding Capacity

    No. of Trays Length Width
    Two 300mm 427mm
    Three 300mm 275mm
    Four 300mm 200mm
    Five 300mm 154mm
    Six 300mm 124mm
    Seven 300mm 103mm

    Options available

    • eWON - a machine connection system to deliver real time data and error condition support, remote setup, and software upgrades, using a customer’s existing IT network

    • ProVision – OEE data capture system and downtime analyser
    • Protect - a contactless machine login and audit trail system
    • Sale, Lease Purchase and Rental options available

    GT1-Lid Specifications

    Height 2191mm
    Standard Length 2765mm
    Width 975mm
    Weight 1100kg
    Electrical Supply 400V 3 phase + neutral (fused at 16A)
    Transformer Variations

    208V 3 phase (fused at 30A)

    480V 3 phase (fused at 20A)

    600V 3 phase (fused at 15A)

    Metric Imperial
    Pressure Flow Pressure Flow
    6 Bar 142L/Min 87psi 5CFM

    Transformers are available to accommodate the electrical

    supplier in different countries

    Capacity Diagram

    Due to the tapered swing of the turnover on our GT1-Lid machines, there is a direct correlation between the tray height and tray length; thus, the more narrow the tray is the taller it can be.

    For example, with a 300mm long tray the height may not exceed 85mm, however, with a 50mm tray the height can reach up to 137mm.


  • Images
  • Packaging Materials

    Trays and Lidding

    • C-PET
    • A-PET
    • R-PET
    • Polypropylene
    • Smooth Wall Foil